Decorative Painting and Remodeling for a Child

From on August 17, 2007 in General Remodel

First time parents often decide to hire an artist to paint a baby’s bedroom with colorful characters, sweet animals, or a starry ceiling with paint that lights up at night to enhance the bedtime experience. These creative ideas add so much to the charm of a nursery atmosphere. You’ll want to hire a decorative painting artist before the room is freshly painted in order to allow that person to help decide on the background colors for the room. Perhaps a pallete of sky blue is needed for the addition of some fluffy clouds, or a deeper ocean blue for some sailboats. Since a baby spends much of his first months and years lying in his crib, it makes sense to develop a design that may be applied primarily to the ceiling and the upper walls, which the baby will see and delight in the most. Naturally, it is important to have all of the painting done well in advance of the arrival of the baby to ensure that the fumes have disappeared. Once a space has been freshly painted by a professional, this is when the decorative painting begins. Other ideas for a nursery wall might be the characters from a beloved children’s film, nursery rhymes, or mural of a lovely secret garden with a trompe l’oeil stone pathway with playful squirrels and rabbits. Trompe l’oeil is French for “fool the eye.” When it’s time to remodel the nursery and add a bigger child’s bed, this is when it makes sense to hire a contractor to make the most out of the space. Plan these features carefully to ensure their practicality for a long time to come. Some lasting ideas for a child’s room might include a custom closet with a built-in storage and display system for favorite toys and collections. For the school-aged child, of course you’ll want to add a study area with computer components. If there is enough space, you might add a crafts or hobby area, or a table and chairs for tea parties. When a child graduates from a nursery and is talking, this is the perfect time to involve him or her in choosing the colors and designs for the bedroom. Given the opportunity to express them, children have some of the most creative and fanciful ideas. A child may want dinosaurs or the planets of the solar system to decorate a bedroom. Or he might want to choose a particular color scheme. Perhaps a child might like to design and paint her own brightly-colored bathroom tiles, which could be glazed and fired at a crafts studio and incorporated into her bathroom tile design. To develop a child’s independence, storage areas should be designed as much as possible to be within his reach so he can get things out and put them away himself. Out of reach areas might be utilized for sweaters and other warm clothes in the summertime or sporting equipment that is only utilized on occasion. Clothes or toys that your child has grown out of could also be stored up above and saved for other siblings or occasionally cleaned out for charitable donations or yard sales. [tags]painting, decorative painting, painting nursery, painting baby’s room[/tags]