Custom Fish Tanks: The Aquatic Remodeler's Dream Come True

From on January 29, 2009 in General Remodel

Why wait until your remodel is almost done and you think you’ve thrown in everything (including the kitchen sink), to realize you’ve forgotten the most important piece of all: that custom-designed aquarium you’ve always wanted! That’s right, fish tanks can be very cool, and built right into your home design.

With that idea in mind I went searching for a really unique aquarium design to show off. Needless to say I found many, too many, from coffee tables to fish highways. Yet, while these amazingly inventive concepts and clever tricks were quite inspiring, I could not resist the coolness of this aquatic kitchen island from Aquarium Architecture (yes someone out there could be eating their breakfast right now with their favorite betta).

Aquarium Architecture

The island, complete with a custom fish tank that is viewable from all sides, is a really cool addition to this broad kitchen. A lot of space has been used up just for a fish tank, admittedly, but the appeal is undeniable. The added presence of what are essentially alien life forms in my kitchen is hard even to imagine, fascinating indeed. I might change the paint color surrounding the tank to better suit an aquatic environment. I might also bring the frame above the aquarium down from the ceiling to open the room a bit, although I admit to having no real clue about the inner workings of an aquarium that size. But I tell you I certainly wouldn’t mind ponying up to eat a good meal facing this ingenious slice of reef living. Any meal, that is, except sushi, which might get a little weird after awhile.