Creativity Abounds in One Parisian Family's Art Loft

From on January 15, 2010 in General Remodel

Paris, a world mecca of culture, influences fashion and art globally. But for two painters, the city’s style seems to stem from the home and radiate through every room of their suburban loft.

creative loft painting

Nathalie Lété, mother-princess of the home, stands in front of a silver canvas painted by her husband, Thomas Fougeirol. The couple expanded the metallic look by painting the wall a similar color. Eclectically dressed for the photo, Natalie wears a crown from Chinatown and her son, Oskar, is decked out in a Japanese mask.

creative loft studioNathalie’s studio holds a mounted emerald green pegboard to display her paintings. Any time she wants to change out her artwork, the pegboard makes rearrangement effortless. As you can see, the craft involved here extends beyond the paintbrush. Nathalie creates and sells postcards, children’s illustrated books, knitted toys, glass pictures, ceramic dishes and sculptures, wool rugs and more.

creative loft living room

In their together space, the family gathers around a book from their stacks and stacks of literature.

creative loft bedroomInside Nathalie’s studio, a red lacquer rectangle painted on the wall creates the illusion of a headboard. Guests may be too stimulated by the artist’s colorful creations to sleep. But in this space, it’s sweet dreams even with eyes wide open!

creative loft attic bedroom

Thomas and Nathalie’s children were certainly not slighted artistically. Angèle’s favorite color brightens her attic bedroom, along with the fanciful mural she painted behind her bed at age nine. Her mom designed the rug to complement the décor.

creative loft bedroom

Oskar collects flags and skull-themed items to decorate his cool-kid getaway.

creative loft office

The family’s work and study corner has an organized collection of books…by color, of course. You wouldn’t expect them by title from an artist, would you? More impressive is the Paris flea-market find, a desk from Thonet, the most well-known and emulated furniture company of all time. They’ve had decades - almost centuries - of practice.

creative loft lamp

Outside Oskar’s room, Nathalie tweaks another artist’s work. This towering plastic sculpture was shaped by French artist Règis Vidal. The family has an appreciation for their own creations, as well as those of others. And it’s obvious throughout their artsy quarters that imagination abounds!