Crazy Neighbors Got You Down?  Try a Garage Sticker

From on February 25, 2010 in General Remodel

Have neighborhood issues led you to contemplate buying a tank or housing an alligator? While this may not be the most constructive route to take, at least a little garage art can make the old jerks think your middle name really is Psychokilla’. garage stickers tankgarage stickers alligator Even if you just want to jazz up your boring garage exterior, German-based Style-Your-Garage has a door sticker just for you. Their website offers every type of design imaginable, from graffiti to soccer stadiums. Or, if you’re into something a little sweeter, you can pick out a horse stable or adorable reindeer gathering. garage stickers indy cargarage stickers plantsgarage stickers heaven hellgarage stickers elephant Yeah, elephants! garage stickers classic cargarage stickers horse The best part about these creative gems is that they look surprisingly real. While your neighbor may quickly call your bluff, there will certainly be a split second when he actually thinks you bought that tank. And that, my friends, is priceless. garage stickers jacuzzi