Budget Bedroom Makeover to Rock Your World

From on August 10, 2010 in General Remodel

You’d love to recreate your bedroom, yet you know that doing so can mean an invasive overhaul and money, money, money. I understand. But I’d like to propose something different. Rather than remodel for over-the-top master bedroom luxury, pinpoint the key elements that will have the most impact on your own daily routine. You can make over an entire bedroom without huge cost by beginning with functionality. Here’s how to create a space that flows with your lifestyle and brings a bit of Zen to your hectic days.

#1—Go with all-white bedding

white budget bedroomWshome

Induce the feel of hotel luxury with all-white bedding. White is easy to collect from different sources, and even cheaper choices can look clean and classic. Add variety with the same pristine look by piling layers of white mixed with off-white and cream. Though some scoff at the idea of “clean” white (especially those with children), white can actually be easier to keep up thanks to bleach and oxy-clean, and the natural brightening that clothes-line drying offers.

#2—Multifunctional nightstands

budget bedroom nightstandsSweetsweetlife

You can live without the headboard—you can. You can live without the fancy walk-in closet and ocean view from your window, but nightstands are a must. Not only does a nightstand give the room a grown, finished look (or a hip vibe with mix-matched options), but structurally improves the bedroom. Top it with good lighting, a carafe with water, a stack of reading, and even a place to recharge your phone while you sleep, and you may never want to get out of bed.

budget bedroom floor tomsThis bedroom uses floor toms as nightstands! Rockin’.

#3—Super comfy armchair

budget bedroom chair

Putting even one small armchair in the corner of your room can change the bedroom from simply a sleep zone to a space to unwind and relax in privacy. Settle in with a cup of coffee under a task floor lamp and enjoy a space reserved not for work but for rejuvenation and leisure reading. A chair also provides a space to sit and tie shoes, face the bed directly when chatting, or simply hatch out before exiting the room. Even this inexpensive IKEA chair provides great function, with class.