Awesome Handmade Patchwork Chairs

From on November 24, 2009 in General Remodel

Honestly, I’m a huge fan of nearly anything handmade or handcrafted, so right off the bat, these chairs have much appeal. Designed by Mc & Co.’s Corinne Gilbert, they appear both sturdy on wrought iron legs and soft and cozy with their cushions pieced together with fluffy flannel swatches. patchwork chairs The patchwork chairs have the appearance of varying warm and wooly scarves cut into odd rectangles and squares, sometimes haphazardly, sometimes with purpose. I don’t know whether I want to wrap one around myself or curl up on it. The fabrics chosen are bold, but have an edgy, eclectic feel that charms you into loving the look - even if you’re not so sure that red tartan plaid goes with lime green and black faux fur. patchwork kitchen chairs The chair could serve as a footstool for a high kitchen chair, a sit-and-wait-here chair for spending just a moment before heading off on your date. Actually, you could also put three or four of them together and have a very stylish sofa-like piece in your sitting room, though at $950 apiece, you might just as well throw a few old winter scarves on your sofa and call it a day.