Award-Winning Noyack Creek Home in NY

From on February 19, 2010 in General Remodel

noyack creek home

Where the fresh and salt waters mix, there sits a home of singular design. The award-winning Noyack Creek house in New York, on a limited site and budget, managed to live up to its location on a tidal estuary. Its homeowner, an actor from the city, had a vision for theatrics that took stage both outside of and within the residence.

noyack creek kitchen

Through the front door, perforated privacy screens slide open like curtains so visitors can enter the open spaces of the living room and kitchen. Deck boards for flooring are installed underfoot throughout the house.

noyack creek stairway

The interior stairs align precisely with wide-set, outdoor ones attached to the deck – a subtle and interesting touch. Underneath the inside set of steps, guests are tucked away in a private bedroom. When they turn up, they can grab a seat on any stair in the house for calming water views.

noyack creek bedroom

The second-floor master bedroom is connected by a bridge— not to Terabithia, although this kingdom is getting pretty imaginative. So where does the walkway lead? To the turquoise blue-like-the-water bathroom. And you’re safe if you stumble in the middle of the night; the bed and bath connection has stainless steel cables that run the height of the ceiling to the staircase below. A railing sits on the other side.

noyack creek bridgenoyack creek remodel

The boxy exterior is constructed from Skatelite, a material usually used for skateboard ramps. Considering the unique interior, full range of windows and views to die for, the homeowner’s probably airborne somewhere prepping for that 20-stair deck jump.