Attics Redux: From Musty to Multifunctional

From on August 06, 2010 in General Remodel

The word “attic” traditionally conjured up images of a romantically mysterious nook above the house, with cobwebs tying together the dressmaker forms and albums of years past. But attics are getting new attention in the design world of today, becoming a room not for storage but for extra space in the home (great in this economy), and one that usually has the best view in the house. Cozy and tucked away from the home’s mainstream activity, and pushed up into the trees and sky, this room is going from storage to spotlight. attic living room Homeowners Russ and Barbara took this attic of their 1940s Montana cabin from a space they couldn’t stand up in, to this sitting area with a window view of the nearby lake. By adding a pair of peak dormers, this couple elevated what would be blank square footage to a beautiful vantage point. attic office Even renovating a smaller attic space can add necessary square footage to your dwelling. Here, this succinct office space has a small view and all the technology set up for work, without taking up an entire floor. Create continuity with the rest of the house by incorporating the same colors and details, such as molding. attic bathroom Perhaps all you need or have room for is an attic bathroom, a space that affords privacy and luxury without interrupting the functionality or flow of the rest of the house. A larger bathroom area like this becomes a boudoir kind of bathroom, and can even act as a small in-house spa retreat for frequent use. Have you remodeled your own attic into a cool living space? We want to hear about it! Leave us a comment below and we may feature your home here on the blog. Sunset, House&Home, & ApartmentTherapy