As the Weather Cools Down, Bring the Outside In

From on October 02, 2008 in General Remodel

If you’re like me, you are thrilled to know that fall is here – officially, if not in the way the weather feels quite yet. Even though the days are still hot in many parts of the country, they are shorter and the nights are getting cooler, too. With summer fading, the season of indoor-outdoor living begins to wane, too. As the year moves more deeply into fall and then winter, it’s important to know how to bring the outside into the interior spaces of your home. Here are some of my favorite ways to accomplish this: Open windowOpen the Doors and Windows. Make sure you have screens on your windows and storm doors with screen options on your doors. There’s nothing like opening up the house to welcome in fresh air and breezes, letting it circulate and refresh the interior air. It’s invigorating to feel the flow of fresh air clearing out old, recycled, air conditioned air. If you have a cat or dog, you will enjoy seeing how responsive they are to fresh air, too. You’ll notice how they immediately gravitate to open doors and windows, sniffing the scents on the breeze and gazing – perhaps longingly – outside. Mirrors. “The Illusion is All,” as they say in Hollywood. I have long been an aficionado of decorating with mirrors. Strategically placed, they can literally double your views and the amount of natural light that enters your home. I’ve heard many clients initially object to the idea of decorating with mirrors because they say they don’t want to look at themselves all the time. It’s a surprising fact, though, that mirrors used for visual effect rarely attract attention for personal reflection. When they are placed to enhance views, they not only give the impression of more windows, they create a sense of movement as you move through your home. Indoor PlantsIndoor Plants. This is an easy and effective way to bring the outdoors in. No matter how much or how little natural light enters your rooms, there are indoor plants that will thrive. You can choose from trees, large plants, and small ones. The presence of a living plant will connect you to nature and add grace and harmony to your interior spaces. Be sure you’re willing to take the time to give them water and care, though. Plants are like pets and require your attention, at least to a modest degree. Fresh Cut FlowersCut Flowers. A vase of fresh flowers brings beauty, life, fragrance, and delight into your home. Most bouquets or bunches of cut flowers come with packets of floral preserver, which is added to the water and extends the life of the flowers. When you’re preparing the main floral arrangement, keep a couple of the smaller blossoms off to the side and then put them in individual bud vases to be placed next to your kitchen and bathroom sinks. These small touches, in addition to the larger splash of the big arrangement in living or dining room, will bring the outside in, in a cultivated and lovely way.