An Art Techie's Dream Home

From on January 26, 2011 in General Remodel

art techie living room

When Praveen moved into the neutral blank-slate of his apartment in SoMa, San Francisco, he immediately saw a need for color. Using his love of innovation, he created a fusion of art, primary colors and technology.

art techie furniture

And like many brilliant waves of innovation, Praveen’s first spark of vision began with a bright red shower curtain—a pragmatic purchase that began the base for his simple and bold color scheme.

art techie decor

Praveen was at first nervous about his color choice of yellow and red, but wisely kept the colors within that narrow window, and worked with and through them.

art techie design

Like the artwork, each piece of furniture spans many genres (and even generations), and is pulled together by his distinct taste into one cohesive aesthetic. Strong lines and solid colors define the space, visually broken up by touches of black here “and a little rococo there to harmonize the place,” as Praveen says.

art techie desk

One of his favorite pieces includes his yellow desk, and he loves the red and white couches. A beautiful balance was added by the inability to cover his walls in bright hues as well—instead of paint (which his landlord doesn’t allow), he added pops of color and sophisticated playfulness throughout with his artwork.

art techie bathroom

With his bold individuality, Praveen has created a space that has been described as both a kindergarten and a grown-up space. Praveen likes that. And rightly so: the space is successfully both elegant and complete fun.

Source: Apartment Therapy