Apartment Living

From on December 05, 2008 in General Remodel

Apartment Interior Living

I live in an apartment and if you have ever owned your home, you know the move to apartment living isn’t easy. It doesn’t belong to you, so you frequently get the “you can’t do this” or “you can’t do that” feeling. So how do you make the apartment feel like your own?

Decorating your apartment is left to what you bring with you and what you will take away when you leave. I have the typical white walls and beige carpeting in my apartment, with diamond design linoleum in the kitchen and bath. All kitchen appliances are white. This brings me to one of the biggest “you can’t” on the list: paint or wallpaper.

49ers posterSo I decorate the walls with art pieces. I have a larger framed piece as the main focal point of my living room, with an opposite wall showcasing family photos in a variety of frame styles and colors. The master bedroom is decorated in an Asian decor with large fans on the walls and splashes of red, black, and gold as the main colors. The second bedroom belongs to a 49ers fan, and you can guess what his decor and color choices might be. Red and gold are on the walls, the window coverings, the bed, and the rugs over the carpet, with a touch of black in the dresser and computer table. Now, that room is truly his own.

A good option for small apartment furnishing is to double up the uses of your pieces. I use a coffee table with a lift-up top for storage and an old steam chest for storage in the entryway for sitting and removing shoes and wet jackets.

Patio GardenIf you have a patio and there are no “you can’ts” attached to it, a small patio garden can bring a tremendous feeling of ownership. It has for me. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t have my hands in a little earth once in awhile, which is also why you will find indoor plants in every room of my apartment.

Don’t over crowd your rooms; keep them simple
. My bathroom came with a little peach color in the way of the vanity countertop, so I enhanced that color with the shower curtain, rugs, towels and shelves. Find what it is that makes your style uniquely yours and create your apartment decor around it, making the apartment feel like your own.