America's Top Remodels

From on August 04, 2009 in General Remodel

Remodeling is hot!

Sometimes your house needs a new wardrobe too. Don’t let it feel self-conscious in that 70s shag. People across America are remodeling for all kinds of reasons: to prepare for selling, to add new rooms, to be more green, or sometimes just to update the old and boring. No matter what the reason, the majority of homeowners are asking for similar things - you’ll probably want one of these Top Ten Remodels:

  1. Window Replacement - This may just be the most popular remodeling project. Old windows are the #1 source of costly energy bills. People are upgrading to save on utilities and, of course, to give the interior & exterior a face lift. Thanks to President Obama’s new stimulus package, it’s also a great way to get a nice chunky tax credit next April.
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  3. Kitchen Remodel - The kitchen is the hub of family activity, and not just for cooking, but for homework, art projects, entertaining guests and more. It can add tremendous value to your home when you’re looking to sell. Although some opt for an entire redo, other folks are just having appliances replaced, islands added, or new countertops installed.
  4. Siding Replacement - It may not be sexy, but replacing the exterior siding on your home is definitely a worthwhile project. For some, it’s a simple matter of replacing rotten or damaged boards, but damage or no damage, replacing the siding is an opportunity to give your entire home a brand spankin’ new image. It’s a large endeavor, but it makes a huge impact and can totally change the way you and your friends look at your home.
  5. Bathroom Remodel - The bathroom is another great place to save on utilities - this time with water. Lots of people are remodeling the bathroom to add more efficient toilets, faucets and fixtures. It’s also a great place to add a bit of opulence to the home in a space where you can totally unwind and enjoy the ambiance in privacy. New technology designed for the the loo can give your new bathroom amenities you never really thought of before, like a heated towel rackan aroma therapy tub, and a waterfall showerhead. Now that’s hot.
  6. Second Story Addition - Putting an addition on your home can be a costly project, but by opting to build up instead of out, you can cut the price down. Many people looking to add another story onto their homes are after space that’s just for the “big people” in the family - tacking on a luxurious master suite & bath with large walk-in closets, a sitting room and/or a home office. Usually, this project comes with a bit of work needed in other areas as well. As mom and dad move into the new upstairs, their old digs often become a bedroom for the oldest child, a guest room, office space or library.
  7. Painting - Although it’s one of the least expensive projects you can do, painting rooms can totally snazz up the joint. Consulting with a colorist or designer to find out what shades can really make each room pop is a good idea - painting projects should add dimension, light and a bit of character without being too audacious. You don’t want to tire of it too quickly.
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  9. Flooring - With advancements in green technology, new flooring tops homeowners’ To-Do lists. Many people are opting to rip out their old carpeting, laminate and vinyl flooring, and replace it with cork or bamboo, recycled pop bottle carpeting, carpet tiles or other green options.
  10. Roofing - Although there have been great strides in green roofing technology as well, most people are replacing or repairing their roofs out of necessity more so than a desire to go green. But if a new roof is in your future, consider quality for the long run and look into cool options that can help make your home more energy efficient - they say that the majority of heat loss goes right out the roof!
  11. Green Remodel - For some savvy homeowners, the reason to remodeling anything is to reduce their carbon footprint, become more energy efficient, and save big time on monthly utilities. Green remodeling often includes several projects listed above, like replacing appliances, windows, doors, flooring, etc. Of course, going green doesn’t stop at home improvement - learning to live smarter helps, too - turning down the thermostat in winter and up in the summer, turning out the lights when you leave a room, and other conscientious things are important, too.
  12. Decks & patios - And sometimes, improving the home has nothing to do with the house itself, but how the family can enjoy their time spent outdoors. Decks & patios are very popular add-ons to the homes, but more families are going even further by adding stone terraces, gazebos and outdoor kitchens. Especially when the weather is so inviting, families are finding more and more ways to extend their living space out into the yard. Quality time in the great outdoors? It doesn’t get any greener than that.