Amazing and Simple: Closet-into-Home Office Remodel

From on March 02, 2010 in General Remodel

Professional designers may have the budget and know-how to make any home explode with creativity, but with this simple home office remodel, anyone can transform their space into something as pretty as a picture. home office closet remodel Perhaps the most important aspect of this remodel is that this “home-office” was originally a closet – a closet jam-packed with the normal disorganization that burdens most people’s living space. Once cleared out, however, there was enough space for a computer desk, chair, a few organization folders and shelves, and a multitude of character-enhancing decorations. home office closet remodel While the desk looks like it could be a pricy addition, it is actually two regular old filing cabinets spray-painted and joined together by a ready-made melamine desktop. The cabinets are made portable by adding rollers to the bottom. But what makes this space one that you actually want to work at? The touches that are refreshingly “un-office-like”: a vase to house pencils, an elegant chandelier for lighting, and a rug colorful enough to brighten up any task. And the added bonus? The joy of closing up shop when work is done. Of course, with a space this beautiful, you may just want to keep it open.