Ah, the Simplicity of a Lake House

From on July 09, 2010 in General Remodel

These three tips will help you create a rustic lake house luxury, without the lake house.

lake home porch

Not everyone who wants to bask in summer at a lake house has a lake house—or much of a backyard, for that matter. But that shouldn’t make you miss out on those lazy, hazy summer days. Anyone can merge the outdoors and indoors into one flowing, glorious existence. Tuck away the blankets, the piles, the extra stuff that seems to accumulate during winter hibernation, and create for yourself rustic luxury by paring down to summer essentials.

You know your childhood summers where only the outdoors, a cool drink and a book mattered? Remember them. You’re going for that.

#1 – Create a Sleeping Porch

lake home bedroom

If you have a small porch or even a small balcony in a city apartment, you can create an old-school porch for basking in the sun or even spending the night. A cot with a funky mix of linens and a small table for a stack of books will do the job. Since such spaces aren’t meant to last all year ‘round, so have fun accumulating quirky second-hand items, and tingle with excitement at the thought of busting them back out next summer.

#2 – Set Up a Hammock

lake home hammock

A hammock is a simple and streamlined way to enjoy the outdoors, and can be tied between two trees in a backyard, or hung independently from its own stand. If you live in the city and have no outdoor space, a hammock next to glass doors can add a rustic whimsy to your living space. Don’t forget the iced tea and stack of books.

#3 – Pitch a Tent!

lake home tent

If you do have the backyard space, an entertainment tent can basically add another room to your house for summer. Set up a temporary work-from-home space, play with the children in the shade, create a breakfast room for outdoor coffee and paper reading before work, or have a full-blown dinner party. Whatever you do, do it with the lighthearted glee that summer invites.

Photo Credit: Hutchinson&Maul, ApartmentTherapy, BrookStone & BigSkyTentSales