Additions Can Be Cost-Friendly and Energy-Efficient

From on October 08, 2008 in General Remodel

LoftcraftersAccording to Doug Waters, Operations Manager for The Loftcrafters, Inc., a loft-type addition is the most economical way to add space to any home, large or small. “Even in these tough economic times,” he says, “we can make it affordable!”

Doug says additions can even make your existing HVAC system more energy efficient. This is because Loftcrafters insulates the new floor and installs energy-efficient, dual-paned windows with low-E coating.

While some companies perform more expensive “roof raisers” that are required for a traditional, second-floor addition, Loftcrafters only works within existing, high ceilings. Typical costs run from $15,000 to $30,000; however, Doug says the additions add 2-3 times what they cost in property value. “Our price includes plans, permits, and construction.”

Here are some of the ways that Loftcrafters’ customers have used their new additions:

Media Room by Loftcrafters

  • “The most popular use is a media room. Flat screen TVs are the rage right now.
  • “Some customers get very creative and use the new space as an office/bedroom combo. They’ll do built-in cabinets and a drop-down bed (Murphy Bed) that is hidden in the wall.
  • “Other customers will add a bedroom/bathroom combo to create a 2nd master suite.”

To request an addition from Orange County-based Loftcrafters or a contractor near you, contact CalFinder remodeling contractors for free estimates.