Add More Square Footage; Turn your Attic into Living Space

From on April 08, 2008 in General Remodel

Converting an Attic

Do you have a space problem? Have you been trying to find some way to increase your square footage? You can always build an addition, but not everyone has the space or the funds for that extensive of a project. Have you considered converting your attic into living space? The attic, that stuffy space you venture into as rarely as possible, can actually be turned into a cozy bedroom, a child’s playroom, a home office, or a bonus room.

Even though you are working within existing space, you will still need to obtain the proper permits. Begin by discussing with your contractor what possibilities are structurally feasible for your house. Your roof pitch will determine how large of a space you’ll have to work with. In order for the project to be possible, you need enough height in the room for an adult to stand up at least at the highest point. If you don’t have that much elevation to work with, your contractor can always raise the roof. If you’re going to invest in such a project, you want it to be done right. You will also need a way to access your new space, most likely by building a staircase.

Your contractor will need to run electrical and plumbing if you intend to have a bathroom, lighting, and electrical outlets. He can then finish the walls, ceilings, and floors just as you would in any other room of the house.

Structurally, your contractor should make sure your floor is reinforced and strong enough to support walking and any heavy furniture. If you want the rooms classified as bedrooms, they will need closets.

Because attics tend to have temperature extremes in both the summer and winter, it is advisable to install a good ventilation system, central heating and air, and quality insulation.

In a recent study conducted to determine the most advantageous remodeling projects for homeowners, an attic conversion came in at number five with a 93.5% return on investment. If properly designed to fully capitalize on the available space, there is no reason why you won’t add value to your home. Request an estimate from a certified contractor today to solve your space frustrations.

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