Achieving a Custom Look with Mass-Produced Materials

From on January 23, 2009 in General Remodel

With the cost-efficiency of mass-produced materials, it’s hard to resist taking advantage of them to stretch remodeling and decorating dollars. Home furnishings, structural elements like windows and doors, light fixtures, curtains and blinds – you name it. All these products are commonly manufactured in factories where production costs are low, resulting in more affordable products than ever before. It might seem that mass-produced materials would result in homes and interiors that all look the same. But a quick look around you will prove that this is not the case at all. Each person is unique – you are unique. And that means your home and interiors will be unique. There’s no getting around it, really. Even new housing developments offer a variety of customized choices for new buyers. Although there will be umpteen model A’s and umpteen model B’s, etc., within that planned similarity there will be tremendous variety – different carpeting colors, different flooring in kitchens and bathrooms, and so on. By the time a few years go by, there will be a lot more differentiation as a result of individual expression in entry areas and landscaping. And in urban high-rise apartment buildings, for example, there are many apartments of identical design. But after they are inhabited, is each one a cookie-cutter clone of all the others? No! With the rich cultural diversity in cities, there’s a wealth of customization going on, even in identical architectural “shells.” The point is, you can’t help customizing your “look,” because there’s no one else who would make the exact same choices you make. Your selections will reflect your personal taste, and the more things you select, the more customized your look will be. The longer you live, the more personal possessions you accumulate, the truer that gets. When you want to avoid a mass-produced look yet want the economic benefits of working with mass-produced materials, you can focus your attention in a few areas that are sure to deliver results for achieving that custom look.


Hanging Artworkpaintings, wall-hangings, sculptures, objects; there is endless variety among these decorative pieces. These accessories will give your place a custom look more quickly than just about anything.


add some color trim to your home, both inside and out (unless you live in a neighborhood with restrictions for exterior customization). It’s remarkable how quickly you can transform a home or room with dashes of emphasis achieved with painted trim, bordering, and doors.


curtains, couch pillows, warm throws, towels; you can add as much or as little variety in pattern, color, and texture as you want. Add some tasseled tie-backs, a table runner, placemats, and napkins – you get the idea. Every touch of fabric will add a touch of your personal taste.

It’s kind of refreshing to consider, isn’t it? Even if you don’t feel particularly creative and buy your home building and home furnishing materials from the most widely known sources, you can’t help customizing your personal environment. No matter what materials you work with – mass-produced or not – your home will reflect the uniqueness of YOU.