A World Traveler’s Vintage Remodel in Brooklyn

From on February 15, 2010 in General Remodel

vintage remodel wallpaper

Welcome to vintage everything! With no particular decorating style in mind, Stacie McCormick, the former photo director for Domino magazine, travels abroad and brings back treasures for her two-bedroom Brooklyn duplex. She and her boyfriend, film location manager Collin Smith, have shopped in Buenos Aires, Warsaw and Paris, to name a few. And their buying power broadened when their daughter, Tessa, came along. Now, it’s not just classic furnishings and flea market art – it’s children’s books and toys from days gone by as well.

vintage remodel dining room

Tessa’s high chair matches the 1950s Danish dinette set. Abodeon of Boston and eBay get credit for the genie-style lamp and painting.

vintage remodel kitchenvintage remodel kitchen countertopThe kitchen is the catchall for many of the couple’s finds, like their Danish Copenhagen glasses, European linens, old bowls and ceramic plates. The lamps above made the trip back from Poland a bit more strenuous than usual, but all in all, totally worth it. And the inspiration for the glass jars that line the counters? A mouse in the house.

vintage remodel staircase skylight

The selling point for the house turned out also to be the money pit. The massive skylight above this staircase sprung a leak and had to be completely replaced. But as Stacie said, again, “Worth it!”

vintage remode bedroom

The couple’s monochromatic bedroom is accented only by artwork. The one above the bed is by Robert De Niro’s father. Who knew he painted?

vintage remodel bedroom door

Tessa’s bedroom door was picked up from a neighborhood trash pile. The material for that great fabric curtain, however, originated a bit farther away. Stacie and her mom happened upon it during a shopping spree in Belize.

vintage remodel bedroom wallpaper

Tessa’s room is uncharacteristic of a child’s space, although Stacie is confident that the traditional and whimsical mishmash is enough to stimulate her imagination. Sentimental, fun groupings, like the painting from Stacie’s grandmother surrounded by butterflies and a purple feather boa vitalize the walls and corners. The ink drawings from Poland are brightened up by a red paper flower.

vintage remodel bedroom furniture

Once the couple’s bedroom, the ornate wallpaper remains as decoration in Tessa’s room. Stacie ordered the paper from Sweden and liked it so much, she bought 10 extra rolls.

vintage remodel bedroom artNational Geographic magazines point the way to more travel for the family. We hope they continue to find great buys, like the cute hat from Peru and painting of the Mexican woman from Chapel Hill.

vintage remodel bathroom

Stacie said she buys what she loves without much thought as to where it may fit. But it always does, even if it’s a tablecloth-turned-shower curtain or a painting over the commode. Every room needs inspiration.