A Furniture Line for the Yearbooks

From on May 10, 2010 in General Remodel

For the 10 percent of us that actually relished our high school experience, or at the least the glory days starting on the school basketball team, I suggest checking out this highly creative line of furniture from Mater Design.

The line, aptly named Gymnasium, was created by designer Soren Rose to bring those memories of PE class to life. Each design is eco-friendly, made from real gymnasium flooring, along with water-based paints and varnishes. Here are just a few of the options.

This is the Full Court model of the Oak Editions. Not only are the sizes changeable (both the Oak and Pine Editions offer a wide range of sizes: Full Court, Baseline, Half Court, and Free Throw), but the color of the legs are customizable as well.

Prefer more color? The Pine Edition varieties come with primary color touches for a bit of added fun.

If your school days are further in your past than you’d like to admit, perhaps the Old Edition is right for you. The wood looks a bit more aged and the colors more toned-down.

Not convinced that this line has the “it” factor? Perhaps it’ll help to know that for every piece purchased, Mater Design will donate a percentage toward promoting sports programs in developing countries. That may not have sounded cool in high school, but it sounds pretty darn cool now.