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Contemporary Beauty at Only 1,400 Square Feet

September 16, 2010 in General Remodel

If you’re lucky enough to live among breathtaking scenery, you know how much the surroundings contribute to the beauty of a home. The Davis residence by Miller Hull in Bellingham, Washington sits immersed in the most beautiful... read full post →

A Welcoming Woodsy Sanctuary

September 09, 2010 in General Remodel

Rising up between large ancient trees, almost a modern nod to Emerson and Thoreau themselves, lies the Carmel Cottage. Created by Feldman Architecture, this modest and meticulous dwelling is worth a closer look. Feldman prides itself... read full post →

Warming Up to September

September 03, 2010 in General Remodel

Even though warmer temperatures may linger, something seems to change the minute September comes. The devil-may-care casual vibe of summer is slowly replaced by impulses to look towards nesting and settling in. Especially for those who... read full post →

DIY of the Week: Wino Corkboard

September 01, 2010 in General Remodel

Maybe it’s just me in my rosy-colored world…but there’s a silver lining to any situation. Cook with too much wine, and what do you know, you’ve got enough corks for a great new craft project. We spotted this little... read full post →

Modern Playhouse: Simple Plywood Prefabs for Little Ones

August 19, 2010 in General Remodel

You may have seen Modern Playhouse’s Wedge and Circle Houses floating around on the internet. In fact, Inhabitat recently featured these uncomplicated, eco-friendly playhouses created by two California designers and mothers.... read full post →
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