9 By Design Premieres Tonight on Bravo!

From on April 13, 2010 in General Remodel

Home-flipping artistry at its finest

nine by design family

The Novogratz family is one beautiful bunch. And not just because they’re an artsy group with a knack for unique design, or because I could cull some fashion tips from their children’s surprisingly eclectic ensembles. It’s because of what they do for homes and families all over.

nine by design see sawTallulah, Bellamy and Breaker play on their rooftop see-saw/minimalist art piece by Didi Dunphy

Bob and Cortney are self-taught design-builders. They didn’t grow up in a family construction business or have prior experience flipping homes. They just decided to try it one day. And did extremely well. Since 1995, they’ve been rehabilitating dilapidated houses all over the Manhattan area, infusing a level of character and sophistication unheard of in the house-flipping industry.

And Bravo caught wind of the nine-piece group’s interesting story, giving them their own show that airs tonight at 10/11 Central. With kids’ names like Wolfgang, Bellamy, Tallulah, Breaker, Five, Holleder and Major, you just know exciting things are gonna happen. For more info, check out their Bravo page.

nine by design muralNursery with an incredible floor-to-ceiling mural by Francisco Larios