8 Inspiring Dining Room Ideas

From on October 04, 2010 in General Remodel

I just had to share these ideas for creative dining room spaces. Pay special attention to the interplay of wood, glass and color…

dining room maps

Unique maps and globes are a big trend in home décor right now. I love that this homeowner chose a specific colored print of the U.S. for their dining room; it’s pretty and extra informative.

dining room plates

Adorable salon-style plate collage on the wall! Also, the checkerboard kitchen flooring bounces light around the room quite well.

dining room patio

Here’s an outdoor patio you don’t see every day. Vines and ivy are allowed to grow at will in the space, complementing the bright green wrought-iron chairs and vintage furnishings effortlessly.

dining room picnic table

How ‘bout a picnic round the clock? This table seats 6 to 8.

P.s. Those cute wooden spoons are hand-carved by a father-daughter duo over at Herriot Grace.

dining room ikea

Very interesting components here: An IKEA table sanded down and whitewashed, big collection of pottery (both old and new), pair of vintage Herman Miller chairs, and a rather stellar-looking lighting fixture also from IKEA. Lime greens, fire reds and neon oranges all live in harmony here.

dining room sawhorse table

This one doubles as a dining surface and functional drafting table on cool sawhorse legs.

brick and wood dining room

The brick/wood juxtaposition is amazing. I’ve definitely never seen a wood shutter-style kitchen backsplash before.

dining room upcycled wood

Here, the homeowner upcycled an old door from their previous renovation into a gorgeous kitchen table. The DIY feel and funky lanterns make this space pop.

Thanks to DesignSponge for the round-up!