7 Wonders of the Modern Household

From on March 09, 2009 in General Remodel

No doubt technology and innovation have provided modern households with a vast array of spectacular and fabulous devices over the years, all of them designed to make our lives easier and less complicated. Whether or not it’s worked is up for debate. In an effort to stay ahead of the curve, here’s a list of nominees for the next wave of modern household wonders.

  1. Robot Vacuum. Robot technology has come a long way baby. The newest models can clean entire rooms better than some people I know. All it takes is some smart programming and a little maintenance of the vacuum, like dirt removal. The cleaning drone works best on wood, ceramic, vinyl, or linoleum floors. Carpet is not an ideal surface.
  2. wattson.jpg
  3. Wattson. It’s a clever eco-friendly device that hooks up to your home fuse box. This green gadget monitors the amount of energy your home uses. It forces self regulation by turning appliances off or switching them to standby. It will also show how much money it takes to run these appliances and keeps a record of household energy usage.
  4. Advanced Drinking Filters. Clean water filters have been around for years; some are better than others. The newest ADFs fit directly to the kitchen sink and clean water through a series of filters and ion exchange. ADFs provide the best system of filtration on the market.
  5. atticfan.jpg
  6. Solar Powered Attic Fan. This little guy will bring relief to the home’s roof and it’s not part of your electric grid. Since the fan is powered by the sun, your attic will stay cool and have improved air flow for free. The cost is around $375.00 per unit but it will add life to a home’s roof and lower energy bills.
  7. Tankless Water Heaters. This is hot water on demand. The system is more energy efficient than conventional water heaters and you never have to wait for the tank to fill up. However, it’s recommended that the user does not run multiple hot water appliances at the same time.
  8. Modernized Kitchens. High performance green appliances in the kitchen are a must for a faster paced world. Smart dishwashers that are made of 100% recycled parts and use stem technology to give dishes a hand-washed look are very handy. And cooking with electromagnetic energy sounds a little freaky but it’s faster and takes less energy than conventional stoves.
  9. faucet_light_addl2_embed.jpg
  10. Temperature Sensitive Faucets. Otherwise known as LED’s from Think Geek. These cutting edge fixtures change your regular water to blue or red. The LED attaches to the faucet; water runs through its mysterious chamber and comes out red for hot and blue for cold. No word if the water is safe to drink.