7 Sweet Toys for Young Architects (and Old Ones, Too)

From on January 14, 2010 in General Remodel

These toys are the building blocks of your kid’s imagination. And hopefully the foundation of every Saturday of the rest of my life. I recommend starting with a LEGO-tastic Guggenheim and then working your way up to a 7’10 in-house skyscraper project. So awesome.

#1 - Epic Contemporist Playhouse

architects contemporist

Here’s a super chic playhouse for your little contemporist. Actually, you might want to go ahead and ship this to me courtesy of your kid’s college fund. Featuring acrylic glass windows and a wood lattice interior, the structure is made of birch plywood and basically couldn’t get any cooler. Oh wait, it can. There’s an optional furniture set, shower with wash stand and backyard swimming pool. Playtime just got snazzy.

Via Kids Love Design

#2 - Frank Lloyd Wright LEGO Sets

architects frank lloyd wright

This is just the first kit from LEGO Architecture’s Frank Lloyd Wright series. There will be six total! Each kit comes with historical photographs and literature about the original buildings.

Via Architects Gifts Plus

#3 - The First LEED Certified Dollhouse

architects leed dollhouse

With a curved roof, solar panel, wind turbine, rain barrel, recycle bins and moveable shade canopy, this is by far the most forward-thinking dollhouse yet. Made from sustainably harvested rubber wood, the house is furnished and decorated with nontoxic paints.

Via Heirloom Wooden Toys

#4 - Skyscrapers Taller Than Your Dad

architects skyscrapers

This is the real deal. Complete with 3,200 interlocking plastic parts, the Young Architects Skyscraper Kit includes 24 pages of detailed blueprints for constructing countless buildings. You can even list your creations on an interactive world map on the manufacturer’s website. And if you’re feeling extra inventive, submit a new idea of yours with the proposed skyscraper height and approximate number of pieces, and they’ll send you a PDF with instructions to build.

Via Hammacher

#5 - Paper Victorian Dream Home

architects paper house

Design and build your dream home with this incredibly detailed 3D kit. Using a grid system to make construction simple, you can assemble an architectural work of art and then go Godzilla all over its tiny homeowners when you’re finished. Excellent.

Via MoMA Store

#6 - For the Special Tater Tots in Your Life

architects design table

A desk, art center and miniature hideaway hut all in one, the Deskhouse even comes with a solid oak chimney for art supply storage. Lucky babies!

Via Kids Love Design

#7 - Saving Up for a Bigger Piggy Bank

architects piggy bank

The sweet and simple Chalkboard House Bank by Mudpuppy “encourages long-term saving.” Decorate the chalkboard-glazed exterior and then smash it open to retrieve the goods. Bonus treat: free stick of chalk for the “smokestack” hole.

Via Etsy Shop