7 Ideas for the Perfect White Bedroom

From on April 26, 2010 in General Remodel

Not all pallid bedrooms are created equal. Color has a subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) way of completely altering a bedroom. Check out these bright white beauties, all designed by homeowners with similar tastes for shopping from Craigslist, eBay, yard sales, antique malls, and my personal favorite: garbage piles on the night before trash pick-up.

#1 - Freshly Painted

white bedroom nautical

Renovating their old-yet-new-to-them bedroom, Layla and Kevin Palmer are thrilled when friends now use the word “pretty” to describe their choice of neutral tones and restoration work. The couple combined cottage and country with a nautical touch.

white bedroom nautical window

#2 - Simple and Sunny

white bedroom sunny

Katin and Brandon’s best home advice is, “Prioritize making your bedroom just how you like it – peaceful, clean and beautiful.” They wanted the warm sunlight that floods into their bedroom and across the original 1850 wide-planked pine floors as the focus, so they’ve chosen simplicity for the walls and furniture, right down to basic bed linens.

#3 - Chameleon Colors

white bedroom chameleon

Nataniël’s bedroom is unadorned and stripped down to the designer essentials. When entertaining, the singer, author and entrepreneur decorates with colorful rugs, cushions, bed linens and other accessories that he keeps neatly packed away in white cabinets. But when it’s time to focus, “everything goes back into the storerooms so my brain can work again.”

#4 - White: A Distance Away

white bedroom chicago

The first time Arthur set foot inside his Chicago bedroom was after he had already purchased it – online. He also chose from a distance the gorgeous Benjamin Moore white flat paint. It makes for a great urban-chic look. For a bit of color, the eastern wall is painted in a chocolate-y flat night horizon. Custom wool drapes add intrigue as well.

#5 - Blue Pops in

white bedroom blue

Haldane Martin’s white nest was a challenge. “Decorating your own space as a furniture designer can be a real curse; the search for perfection is endless,” he told Apartment Therapy. Having purchased the home in a dilapidated state, he painted the whole interior white, including damaged floors, to create a “clean canvas” with which to work. He then chose walls to add primary color.

#6 - Canvas for Life

white bedroom fireplacewhite bedroom curtain

Yoko and Matthew wanted to turn their home into a blank canvas for their lives. They chose a ramshackle house with no walls, no floors and no electricity, but hey, they liked its feel. The bedroom’s white fireplace, white bedding and white drapes from Pottery Barn Teen (who knew there was such a shopping experience?) have made the space livable and them some, really more of a sweet sanctuary.

#7 - Beyond White

white bedroom dresserwhite bedroom red

Becke and Lee moved from the city to an acre in the country for relaxation, gardening and creativity, and they haven’t stopped renovating since. But it looks like they’ve made progress artistically in this white space-gone-bold.