6 Room Makeovers for Eccentric Homeowners

From on February 03, 2010 in General Remodel

Designer Vern Yip goes to town on a few boring living spaces. Here are 6 outrageous ones from Deserving Design. eccentric design masculine bedroom#1 - This uber-masculine bedroom combines brown leather, black walls and red accents – a very unlikely color combination. With a twinkling background, it’s a Phantom of the Opera-esque fantasy land. eccentric design bungalow bedroom#2 - A creative way to make a shared room as private as possible, individual beds are swathed in drapery. Artwork inside each unit says “bungalow,” not hospital bed. eccentric design dining room#3 - Locker rooms are typically smelly places where jocks hang out and make rude jokes. This design invites respect and conviviality with conversation areas, artwork and fresh-looking lamps. eccentric design garage#4 - Would you believe this is a garage? A fun transformation makes it a favorite place to hang in the house while still keeping it conducive to its original use – parking and storage. eccentric design dining room#5 - An otherwise neglected hallway becomes a multipurpose dining and music room with eclectic yet rustic furnishings. eccentric design living room#6 - Decorating with words makes a big statement in this now-trendy living room. It needed little else than a profusion of black-and-white personal photos and travel mementos to make it comfy, yet stylish.