6 Ideas for a Beautiful Fireplace

From on December 21, 2009 in General Remodel

Because of its size and placement, it’s hard not to let the fireplace become the center-stage of a remodel. A fireplace can add charm, creativity and beauty - as long as you do it right. Our friend Tim of RemodelingGuy.net just posted about ideas for doing just that.

  1. Natural. All stone chimneys are perfect for the totally natural look. Use an unfinished, unmodified piece of wood or branch as a mantle to perfect this look.
  2. Artistic. Why not add some real flair? A fireplace can be artistic. Use a mosaic or even a painting.
  3. Colorful. A fireplace need not be a bland, black whole. In fact, it ought to integrate into the color scheme of the room in an intriguing and striking way.
  4. Classical. Straight lines. Clean edges. Muted tones. Beautiful accents. A fireplace can add distinction, urbanity and luxury to a room.
  5. Cozy. Admit it. Fireplaces are the ultimate in cozy. Grab your blanket and huddle around. The design of a fireplace in a room can invite this feel, and look great, too.
  6. Comfortable. For millennia-past, the fireplace has been the center of life. Fireplaces provided warmth, cooked the food, heated the water, and made space for conversation and family time. Keep it that way. Let the design of the room make the fireplace a comfortable place to relax, unwind and enjoy.

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