5 Creative and Wacky Home Improvements

From on July 21, 2010 in General Remodel

Who says that play has to be limited to children—or to the outdoors, for that mater? Bringing the outdoors in adds an element of wacky fun to any interior. Check out these five examples.

#1 - Indoor Tree House

wacky improvements treehouse This sprawling $1.5 million home in Washington includes a tree house within its 6,000-square-foot interior. Perfect for indoor play during all of those rainy days.

#2 - Mini Ferris Wheel

improvements ferris wheel Hey, the stuff has to go somewhere. This mini Ferris wheel for toys not only segments playthings in an understandable way for children, but adds fun and excitement that can only be found under that big tent of the greatest show on earth.

#3 - Stairway Slide

indoor slide You might have seen this indoor slide circulating the web as an ingenious and discreet way to add major fun factor to a home with children. This can be a relatively simple renovation by narrowing a wide staircase and adding a simple flat surface. It’s okay. We won’t tell if you slide down yourself.

#4 - Living Room Swing

indoor swing Leave it to the sadly defunct Cookie magazine to hone in on playful living. This indoor swing by French company Reso Design hangs in the middle of Boubil’s living room—and was even used to rock their son Zo to sleep when he was a baby. Fun, lighthearted and sleek.

#5 - Library Hammock

transformer apartment Gary Chang’s amazing “transformer” apartment in the heart of Hong Kong (see my other post for more on him) features an indoor hammock for his screening room. A fun way to bring lounging capability to a small space.

Photo Credit: HookedonHouses, Houzz, Ohdeedoh, CookieMag, & Archnest