5 Remodeling Blogs and Directories

From on May 13, 2009 in General Remodel

Since I’m a remodeling blogger myself, I’m always looking at other blogs in the remodeling arena to see what my fellow bloggers are talking about. With home remodeling being the lively and fascinating subject that it is, there’s no shortage of conversation going on in the blogosphere about all angles of remodeling. Although it’s tempting to focus on the newest “kids” on the blogging block, there are some well established ones that are deserving of attention, too. Have a look at this list and bookmark the ones that look like they’ll be most useful to you.

The Sweet Spot Remodeling Blog

jaysweet_100x100.jpgJonathan Sweet, senior editor of Professional Remodeler, says, “a lot of information crosses my desk. This blog will be a chance to share some of that with you, with an immediacy not possible with a monthly magazine.” Some of his recent topics include opinions about energy tax credits, home price forecasting, and how the remodeling industry is faring in the current economy.

Blogs about Green Remodeling

greenwordpressicon.jpegThis WordPress directory site is actually a running list of blog posts about green remodeling. Just scrolling down the list is entertaining in and of itself, and of course you can select any of the items that strike your fancy to go to the complete post. I couldn’t help but click on one titled “We don’t poop in a bucket!” and thus discovered Ecolandlord’s blog…

Ecolandlord’s Blog

Although this blogger’s base in Anchorage, AK, might make some of the material less relevant to folks in the lower 48, it is green-oriented, colorful, and of interest to green-oriented rental property owners.

Oakbridge Construction Blog

This blog is very colorful and chock full of well-illustrated posts. Lots of practical information about things like asbestos removal from your home, trends in remodeling, home equity loans, and more.

Blogs about Home Remodeling


This is another WordPress directory site—in this case, featuring posts related to home remodeling. Some of the enticing topics that were listed the day I wrote this post include: how to spice up your home to wow potential buyers, the trials and tribulations of obtaining a building permit, and transforming various parts of the home.