5 of the Worst Remodel Trends: Fads Gone Bad

From on November 09, 2009 in General Remodel

Home layouts offer lots of cool possibilities for remodeling existing space, spicing things up and making the rooms more livable. But every once in a while, along comes a really BAD idea and homeowners seem to jump on the plan feet-first without a second thought. Before you know it, you’ve got a lot of homes out there with the really bad ideas incorporated into their blueprints. To ward off making the same mistakes, we’ll show you how to shy away from these design blunders.

#1 - The Great BIG Room

worst trends ceilingRaising the roof is easy enough to do in these large rooms, seeing as the ceiling is thirty feet high and all forms of noise echo throughout the massive space – the loud television, conversation in every which corner, and of course, cooking clamor. Even if the room doesn’t have dramatically high ceilings, there’s still way too much wasted space. And the openness, not to mention all those windows, make the area impossibly difficult to heat and cool.

#2 - The Ginormous Kitchen

worst trends kitchen remodelBigger is not better when you need an intercom from the kitchen table to the stove just to answer, “Scrambled.” Or when you have to ask, “Where’s the refrigerator? Wait a minute, I think I see it over there.” Or when the work triangle between the sink, stove and refrigerator is farther apart than 1st to 3rd bases on Field of Dreams. That big of a space and you’ve got yourself a simmering nightmare.

#3 - An Engulfing Garage

worst trends garageWhen the garage is all you can see, (or the most noticeable feature when you pull up to the house), then you know you’ve overdone its size. Out of proportion, this one actually looks like it’s pushing the house down a hill. Slowly consuming the rest of the residence, an oversized, poorly positioned garage will always win with its unsightly behemoth doors.

#4 - Lots and Lots of Lifelong Lighting

worst trends ightingThere are some things better left unseen, like the dust ball in the corner of your bedroom. But that’s not possible in a home lit up like the 4th of July by built-in track and recessed lighting in every room. And like it or not, the lighting system is there to stay unless you want the mess of redoing ceilings. This living space resembles the inside of a flying saucer when alternatively, lamps and sconces would have offered complementary décor and soft lighting.

#5 - A Porch? Oh Sure, Just Put it Anywhere

worst trends deck patio

The screened porch is a great addition to your home as long as you think before you build. If the add-on blocks the only sunlight that shines into a living space, makes for a bad view of pollen-covered outdoor furniture or creates a corridor through a room that used to be a destination, then it has undermined your home’s comfort and beauty.

Photo Credits: ArchDaily, Channel 4, Bromeliad, DIY Home Theater Design, & Remodeling Center