5 of the Coolest Shelves We’ve Ever Seen

From on October 14, 2009 in General Remodel

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Twisted Shelf

#1 - I doubt this shelf is an actual replica of Mexican designer Joel Escalona’s personal DNA, or else Mr. Escalona would be a blob of protoplasm, but his MYDNA shelves are a unique take on the double-helix. There are two choices in bookshelves. The Static MYDNA is a basic bookshelf that can also work as a room divider. The Rotating MYDNA takes its cue from the lazy Susan gene and rotates for easy access to items on the shelf without all that annoying reaching and bending. These shelves are just prototypes but perhaps Escalona will eventually get funding from the National Institute of Health.

Spiral Shelf#2 - Combining Art Deco and Oriental design influences, the dynamic Ellipse Bookcase is more than a shelf to show off your collection of Nancy Drew mysteries – it’s a piece of art that’ll be the focal point of any room. Made of hard elm tree wood and multiple layers of wood veneer, unrolled bamboo covers the shelves themselves. Not even sure why they call this a bookcase – I’d rather find another shelf for Moby Dick and Hop on Pop and opt for Bonsai trees, Saki sets and Erté statuettes to complement its distinctive style.

Book Shelf#3 - If you’re a book-monger like me, a simple bookshelf just won’t cover it. You’ll need something more substantial to turn up the volumes. The overall dimension of this custom-built bookcase is 12? x 20?. That translates into almost 100 linear feet of shelving, with each individual cubicle 18? x 18? across and 12? deep. So you’ll need lots of room and a talented carpenter to write the next chapter of this novel experiment.

Folding ShelfFolding Shelf#4 - Looking for shelves that don’t look like, uh…shelves? These innovative folding shelves can be laid flat, folded up, turned on a 90-degree angle or mounted any old way you please. Made of cherry wood, they’re light as a feather and recently won a prize at the prestigious international design competition at the Furniture Manufacturers’ Association in Japan. They’re practical, distinctive and cool, so what more could you ask of a shelf?

Storage Shelf#5 - It’s hard to believe this incredibly cool shelving unit was designed and constructed almost 60 years ago, unless you’re familiar with the legendary husband-and-wife-design team of Charles and Ray Eames, the king and queen of modern furniture design. This classic Vitra Eames storage unit bookcase utilizes molded plywood sliding doors, colorful painted screens with brushed, galvanized metal surfaces, and height-adjustable legs. This storage unit is as modern, functional and beautiful today as it was back in 1949 when Harry Truman roamed the White House.