5 Home Repairs that Can't Delay

From on May 28, 2010 in General Remodel

If you’d rather not spend your hard-earned cash on costly repairs, then it’s time to buck up and pay attention to what your home is telling you now. Here are the top five home improvements you shouldn’t put off.

#1 – Check Your Air Filters

Don’t be too quick to call in the experts when all that may need replacing is your air filter. This bit of maintenance can save you $100 annually on energy costs.

5 repairs air filter

#2 – Repair Leaks at the Onset

Those leaks may seem like tiny annoyances, but they could be wreaking havoc on your water bill. Also, make sure to take care of the sump pump as well. The extra time will seem minor compared to the devastation of a flooded basement.

5 repairs water leak

#3 – Keep Outlets and Chords in Top Shape

Pay attention to electrical cords that show signs of aging and disrepair. Even more importantly, replace outlets as soon as they stop holding plugs as they should. Taking care of the problem will keep it from turning into an emergency down the road.

5 repairs electrical cords

#4 – Ensure Caulking is Doing its Job

If the caulking around your shower or tub isn’t keeping water where it’s supposed to, it’s time for some small repairs. Water leaks around this area can lead to mold – a much bigger monster to tackle.

5 repairs bathroom caulk

#5 – Seal All Windows and Doors

Weatherproofing your windows and doors with a good seal can significantly cut energy bills year-round. Re-caulk when necessary, and use a programmable thermostat to regulate your home’s temperature.

5 repairs window seal

Didn’t your mother always tell you that a little bit goes a long way? Well, home repairs are no different. And mothers are always right… Photo Credit: howstuffworks, BQ Basement, ifoApple, eHow, & American Sealants