5 Fall Must-Dos

From on October 10, 2008 in General Remodel

Fall ImagesJust when I was wondering which of the dozens of possibilities to mention in this post, there came my Verizon Wireless newsletter with results from a survey about peoples’ 5 favorite things about fall. The results from this survey, to which 9,000 Verizon Wireless customers responded, were: Leaves Changing Color, Cooler Weather, Football, Thanksgiving, and Apples and Pumpkins.

This is a dandy springboard for home and landscape must-dos! Since these are things that are on so many peoples’ happy lists, why not see what they indicate for sprucing up the homestead for the fall season?

Leaves Changing Color

After the glories of all the gold, red, and orange, all those colorful leaves turn brown and fall – many of them landing in gutters. It’s important to make sure your home’s gutters are cleaned out before the rainy season starts. Clean gutters mean proper drainage from your home and garage’s roofs all throughout the wet seasons.

Cooler Weather

Soon the HVAC unit’s rest from the brief hiatus between summer and chilly times will be over. Instead of the air conditioning cycling on, it will be the heat. This is a great time to replace indoor air filters on ceiling air returns, and to run a test-check to make sure the heat cycles on when the automatic temperature gauge indicates it’s time to start heating the house.


Is your home entertainment center up to snuff? When the games come on, you want to be comfortable and decked out with all the conveniences that make watching the action on the big screen so enjoyable. And if you have Pop Warner-aged kids, you’ll probably be out tossing the pigskin around the back yard. So be sure to do a round-up, mowing and trimming and clearing the way for home practice sessions.


Will you be entertaining at your home this year? If so, it’s not too soon to start planning. Have you been dreaming of adding an island to your kitchen for more cooking surface and pleasure? Or building new shelves in your pantry or garage for storing canned goods and holiday décor? Maybe it’s time to upgrade to that bigger-capacity microwave oven.

Apples and Pumpkins

These seasonal foods are among the most health-supporting of all, and with their abundance in the markets now, you can enjoy the bounty in many ways. Because they last so long, you can make porch displays with pumpkins, and keep a big bowl of apples within easy reach for casual munching. Bring your home alive with the seasonal fragrance of spiced cider – did you know this is one of the favorite tricks of real estate agents when showing a home? That welcoming smell says, “I want it!”