3 Ways to Cut Down on Remodeling Costs

From on December 13, 1901 in General Remodel

Can you spruce up the house and cut down on costs, too? Most definitely, and as you get spring projects rolling, here are some tips on how you accomplish both at the same time.

  1. Do-It-Yourself.

    One way you can save money is to shorten your contractor’s To-Do list by handling smaller projects yourself. Most people agree, an expert will save you money in the long run by tackling more involved projects quickly and with quality; but this spring, why not bust out the tool box and address the unwanted squeaks and leaks on your own?

  2. Buy Secondhand Goods and Materials.

    Speaking of the tool box, reconditioned tools and can save you 30 to 60% off retail prices – and they work just like new. Other secondhand ideas: vintage appliances and salvaged lumber.

  3. Camp out.

    Most homeowners can’t afford a hotel when the contractor’s crew has taken over the kitchen or master bedroom. So bust out the sleeping bags and the slow cooker and rough it out for awhile longer.