3 Great Home Products I Never Knew Existed

From on March 12, 2009 in General Remodel

It still amazes me how the Internet has changed shopping forever. There are products out there that you’d never know existed if it weren’t for the net. The problem most people have is finding the time to research new products. That’s where I come in. The three great home products I found on the web this week are: Floating Bar Stools by Seating Innovations floatingstools.png Seating Innovations came up with a fantastic idea to suspend barstools. It looks like the stools are hanging from the countertop or attached to the cabinet; however, these stools require no modification to either. The freestanding seats are mounted directly to the floor. The frame is hidden behind the finish panel and underneath the footrest. They offer a nice selection ranging from contemporary to traditional. The chairs can’t tip over, no more scratches on your hardwood or laminate floors, and it’s easier to mop underneath because you don’t have to move the chairs around. Check out their web site: Mythic’s 0% Toxic Paint mythicpaint.jpg This Green Wise certified paint is one of the safest paints on the market. It has zero VOCs and no cancer-causing toxins that emit years after drying. It has minimal odor and offers the same quality as premium paints. This people and pet friendly paint is made by Mythic Paint Company. The paint is extremely durable and is said to outperform all other paints in industry standard scrub tests. It’s available in eight finishes for interior and exterior use and comes in unlimited colors. They can also match competitor’s colors. Besides being eco-friendly another great benefit is that while you paint, people can remain inside, making this a valuable product for commercial use too. FloWise Water-Saving and Dual-Function Showerheads showerhead.jpg Not only is this a handsome showerhead, it also offers up to 40% water savings or up to 8,000 gallons of water per year. Being more energy efficient and saving on utility bills is always a good thing. American Standard uses exclusive turbine technology to deliver this invigorating shower experience. The turbine spray at max gives off a 1.5 gpm flow rate. The showerhead is adjustable and comes in polished chrome, polished brass, and satin nickel. Also available from American Standard is the FloWise dual function water saving showerhead which comes in all the finishes above, plus blackened bronze. It has three spray settings and two water-saving modes. The great thing about these showerheads is, even though you use 40% less water, you won’t sacrifice water pressure!