11 Unforgettable Archways

From on April 06, 2009 in General Remodel

How do you transform an entryway from unnoticeable to unforgettable? Try creating an archway. Whether it’s indoors or out, an archway can frame a room or view with style. Browse through the pictures below to find archways that are themselves amazing focal points for the home.

This archway brings country living up a notch or two.

countrylivingarch.jpg Photo credit: Country Living

Archways like this create seamless transitions from room to room.

bright-home-pffice.jpgPhoto credit: Livingetc.

Notice how designer Denise Richards incorporates multiple arches in this Mission Revival.

hall-residence-q-design-entry-2.jpgPhoto credit: My Design Secrets

Who says log homes can’t be exciting? Archways like this create instant appeal.

loghomearch.jpgPhoto credit: Canadian Log House

A creative use for the outdoor archway: nestle your breakfast nook.

nookarchway.jpgPhoto credit: Window on Cyprus

Archways make the best frame for a beautiful view.

mountainhousearchway.jpgPhoto credit: Accord-Kerkhokson.com

Multiple archways show you can never have too much of a good thing.

multiple-archways.JPGPhoto credit: 5Oaks

Can I move here please?

santorini-archway1.jpgPhoto credit: Wallpaper Murals

In the garden, archways are hopelessly romantic.

gardenarchway.jpgPhoto credit: World of Stock

Start with the basic arch shape, then get creative!

weirdshapearch.jpgPhoto credit: Fine Home Building

With the right archway, you can forget about doors altogether!

chestnut_bedroom.jpgPhoto credit: Heath Farm

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