10 Favorite Movie Homes from HookedonHouses

From on July 15, 2010 in General Remodel

Ever wonder what it would be like to rub elbows with the English upper-class in the sprawling estate from Atonement? Or have you fantasized about frolicking in the garden of the lakefront home in What Lies Beneath? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our friends at HookedonHouses have compiled a list of the most sought-after movie homes, and I just happened to pick my top 10. Are you ready for the Hollywood Home Walk of Fame?

#1 - The Break Up

the break up

You didn’t have to follow the storyline to get why this dysfunctional couple was so upset over losing their Chicago condo. I’d go out on a limb and say that digs this nice smack-dab in the middle of the city are pretty hard to come by.

break up condo

#2 - Mr. & Mrs. Smith

mr. mrs. smith

They may have been paid assassins, but the Smith home just screams traditional Americana. With spectacular lighting and interesting decorative touches (not to mention in-home secret weapon arsenals), this was one place to swoon over…along with Brad Pitt.

mr mrs smith diningmr mrs smith living

#3 - The Notebook


Besides the fact that the story behind this remodel was so heart-wrenchingly beautiful, the plantation from The Notebook is simply an architectural gem. The house used in the movie is actually Martin’s Point Plantation (a real Wadmalaw Island plantation) in South Carolina.

#4 - What Lies Beneath

what lies beneath

This movie may have scared the bejeezus out of you, but the breathtaking lakefront setting softened the blow a bit, right? The home was immaculately maintained and the surrounding landscape made the entire property seem so serene (minus the eerie ghost sightings, of course).

what lies beneath

#5 - Down With Love

down with love windows

Yes, the over-the-top 1960’s motif might be a little much, but the colors in this roomy apartment make me want to crank up the Spice Girls while painting my toenails. Oh, and the spiral staircase and outside patio are fun, too.

down with love

#6 - Sleepless in Seattle

sleepless in seattle

This next one I chose for its location and cute factor. Who wouldn’t live in a cozy little shack to be this close to the water?

sleepless in seattle patio

#7 - Atonement


It might be hard to feel at home in an estate where elegance is far more important than comfort. But hey, Stokesay Court, the private English manor used in the fabulously chilling Atonement, is simply beyond spectacular—and more than worth the mention. P.s. we love the wardrobes!


#8 - Hanging Up


The movie may have gotten wretched reviews, but this Spanish-style home adds a bit of unexpected charm to a lackluster storyline. The kitchen might just be the focal point.

hanging up

#9 - Practical Magic

practical magic

A movie about the secret life of witches requires a setting equally as magical as its storyline—and this home is certainly that. An 1850s Victorian cottage, it’s made that much better by the beautiful New England surroundings.

practical magic

#10 - A Christmas Story

christmas story

I’m a sucker for kitschy 1950s nostalgia. This home is the epitome of old-school suburbia—minus the leg lamp, of course. My, how far we’ve come…

christmas story

What would make your Hollywood Home Walk of Fame? I’m curious to hear your suggestions.