10 Easy Transformations: Make Shabby Look Chic

From on April 06, 2009 in General Remodel

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. Making some simple transformations to your home can breathe new life into old rooms. Here are 10 of them:

  1. Wainscoting can perk up an entire room instantly. These individual tongue and groove boards are available at home improvement stores or lumber stores. Application of the wainscoting is very simple. Measure, cut, and attach to interior walls. Make sure to block off electrical outlets and always start in the corners of the room. You’ll need a stud finder so you’re not hammering into just drywall and use white caulk to hide mistakes and mask the corners.
  2. wallpaper.jpg
  3. Wallpaper can produce some stunning room changes. Some experts say it’s better to focus on one wall, rather than covering the entire room. Other ways to transform rooms with wallpaper is to use lighter patterns for smaller areas. Entry ways or foyers can be made to look bigger with brighter wall covering.
  4. backsplash.jpgPhoto credit: Desert Pacific Design Builders, Inc.
  5. Paint and decorate kitchen tile. Prime and paint the kitchen backsplash with a variety of colors. Afterwards you can pick out designer towels, hot pads, and a chef’s apron to match.
  6. An easy face lift for the living room is new window treatments. The living room is usually the biggest room in the house. Style, color, and length of your window treatments will determine the tone of the room. Longer treatments are more luxurious but they also are harder to keep clean.
  7. Tired of the rectangular shape of the living room? Reposition the sofa and chairs to utilize the corners of the room. Play around with different locations and angles until you find something that opens up the floor space. Place lamps in the corners to act as mood lighting.
  8. basement.jpgPhoto credit: Seamus R. Cudden Construction
  9. Revamp the basement. There are many things you can do to transform this room, it all depends on what you have to work with. If you have a fireplace, paint the brick and mortar. Adding a plasma TV directly above the fireplace is also a nice touch. Some basements are large enough for multi-purpose use. Lay different types of flooring to help separate the pool hall from the TV room.
  10. Instead of buying new cabinets, refurbish the old cabinets with new stain. You’ll need a sander, sandpaper, drill, screwdriver, and router. Make sure to keep track of all hardware, keeping the pieces separated in a zip lock bag. You’ll also need a couple gallons of stain to finish the project. Refer to our library section on staining to help guide you in the process.
  11. Add some inspiration to your home office. One of the easiest ways to change a dull or drab work space is add some art to the walls. Wooden shelves give this area a sense of order and help organize the clutter. If you have a couch, throw on a new cover and buy some pillows from a thrift store. This will spruce things up and you probably get more work done because of it.
  12. Finish the foyer. This room can be forgotten, especially if it’s small. Adding a classic piece of furniture like a buffet or chest of drawers is attractive. Providing built-in bench seating completes the foyer.
  13. bedroom.jpgPhoto credit: Pyne Construction
  14. Redo the bedroom. Add new bedding, matching shams, and pillow cases. Also slap a new coat of paint on the walls. Try something warm, it will make the room a little cozier.