10 Avoidable Remodeling Mishaps

From on January 25, 2011 in General Remodel

You’ve likely heard of as many “headache” stories in home renovations as you have success stories, so we’ve got 10 tips to help you fall into the successful category—and to experience less stress and more fun along the way.

kitchen remodeling mishaps

Break out the bubbly to celebrate a successful renovation by avoiding these mistakes:

1. Gutting Everything Too Soon

While inertia and excitement abound at the beginning of a project, make sure that all details have been planned before taking the sledgehammer to every inch of your home. You don’t want to get caught in a project that ends up going beyond your budget or capacity. Even if details change, you need an initial game plan to work from.

2. Taking Inaccurate Measurements

remodeling measuring mishaps Preciseness may not seem as important in the planning stages, but small mistakes in sizing or placement can take something that would be perfect and turn it into something that looks cheap and off. Take time for exactness.

3. Going Too Trendy

Although you want to add renovations that are hot and of the moment, avoid a look that is too trendy. Within a couple of years, you will begin to regret decisions that quickly outdate your home.

4. Disregarding Chaos Potential

You may be calmly sipping coffee during planning stages, but be smart and anticipate the chaos that a renovation can bring. You’ll feel crazy in the thick of it, but a well-planned renovation will turn your (improved) home back to running order in no time.

5. Not Using Green Materials

Maybe you don’t know about green materials, or you wouldn’t consider paying up a bit for them, but going with eco-intelligent products is by far better. Not only are you easier on the environment and promoting higher quality products—you’re also instantly increasing the value of your space.

6. Choosing Wrong Paint

painting remodeling mishaps Compared to more complex processes, choosing paint seems easy. But there are specific paints for every surface. Talk to a contractor (find one here on CalFinder!) or at least consult with the paint store employee on what you need. You will regret putting that flat paint in your kitchen. Think ahead and plan accurately.

7. Not Doing Your Homework

Just as the success in painting comes with prep work, prepping for a project and knowing all there is to know will help the overall project go more smoothly. Especially if you’re doing some work yourself, know what to look for and do.

8. Ignoring Your Style

remodeling design mishaps While a new kitchen might be your dream, a new kitchen that completely doesn’t flow with your home’s style can quickly turn into a nightmare. Consider the overall aesthetics and style of your architecture as well as décor.

9. Avoiding Permits

If you complete a renovation without a permit and something happens, your homeowner’s insurance won’t cover it. You may anticipate smooth sailing the entire renovation voyage, but put in the effort to acquire permits to avoid potential catastrophe.

10. Hurrying

Of course renovations are either urgent or completely exciting, and it can be tempting to rush the process or expect to be able to finish fast. But sometimes the best things require waiting. Patience and temperance through a focused project will turn out a much more pleasing result. Photo Credit: Hustek Remodeling, Party Aficionado, HGTV, & Murifield Homes