Tools and Tips: Upgrading the Garage Floor

From on March 16, 2009 in Flooring

ToolsandTipsThere are several ways to add a new shine to that dirty old garage floor. Here are some ways to convert the garage into a NASCAR showroom. To get started you have to clean the floor; it’s a dirty job but one that must be done. Oil and grease stains have to go, especially if you’re going to paint.

One way to eliminate these tough spots is to use a pressure sprayer. This high-powered cleaner should remove most grease and debris with ease. A steam cleaner can be just as effective. Another way to clean the floor is by giving your garage floor an acid wash. This surface preparation can be completed with a push broom and solvent. It removes contaminates while leaving your floor with a sand paper like finish. Once you’ve cleaned the floor your ready to apply a new floor.

    epoxyfloor.jpgEpoxy is a popular do-it-yourself makeover. Keep in mind, if your cement floor is sealed you’ll have to rent or buy a concrete grinder; this will prep the cement for the epoxy application. You’ll need roller brushes with an extension arm, plus the epoxy coating kit. Start by mixing the basecoats of the epoxy together. Then work in six-by-six foot sections, beginning in the furthest quadrant of the room. Once you’ve completed a section, toss in some color chips to give it that marble look. When you’ve finished the entire floor, let it cure for 24 hours. Apply a protective cover and you’re done. For more information on epoxy floors go to this website: g-floor.jpg
  • The G-Floor from Better Life Technology requires virtually no tools for installation. This polyvinyl laminate is merely rolled on to your garage floor. It adheres easily to cement and can be trimmed with scissors for a perfect fit. The G-Floor comes with a vapor/moisture barrier preventing oil and grease from seeping through. It’s also easy to clean; just remove it from the garage and spray it down with the hose.
  • garagefloor.jpg
  • Sports Courts offer consumers another floor option. These manufactured modular floors have been selling strong for decades. A couple tips before you buy this type of tile floor. Look for polypropylene with at least a ½ inch thickness and make sure the floor has a combination of solid and drainage tiles. That way debris can be washed off the floor, helping it remain cleaner and dryer. The floor can be installed by the customer or the pros can do it for you. For addition garage floor upgrades check out these ideas from

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