The Pros and Cons of Limestone Flooring

From on June 25, 2008 in Flooring

limestoneThere are now so many different and beautiful flooring options for homeowners to choose between; it really helps to know what product you are looking for before you begin shopping. What about limestone flooring, what are its pros and cons, and how does it compare to other flooring choices?

The Pros. Limestone has definitely stood the test of time, being used in households for centuries. Because of its historical nostalgia, limestone is great for creating a more rustic, country look. Although it requires more maintenance, with proper care there is no reason why limestone won’t last a long time, bringing natural and original beauty to your flooring.

The Cons. Limestone is a softer stone than granite or marble, and is not quite as durable. It is not recommended for heavy traffic areas as it will scratch and scuff easily. It can be sealed and treated to prolong the lifespan, but your options for placement are more limited than with other materials.

Limestone comes in various sizes of tile, and the colors tend to range in the neutral earth tones from beige to rust-reds. Many consumers love its simple beauty and unique look. Compared to other stone floors, it can be less expensive than granite or marble, but will require more upkeep. Request free estimates from professional flooring contractors in your area today to install your new flooring material.

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