New in Cork Floors: Wicanders Cork Plank

From on September 29, 2008 in Flooring

Wicanders LogoThere really are no negatives to cork flooring, says Ronit McGuthrie, Marketing Manager for Amorim Flooring. Ronit adds that you can install cork just about anywhere, except perhaps, the bathroom. “Kitchens are the most popular place, because the cork is so comfortable to stand on, reducing back, leg, joint, and feet fatigue. We do not recommend bathroom installation because of the variance in humidity.”

Compared to wood, Ronit says cork is more comfortable to stand on because almost 90 percent of it is made of air pockets. “Compared to carpet, cork is more hygienic. Dirt, dust, and microbes can get trapped in carpets, whereas cork is a natural dust, insect, and microbe repellant.” Other positives to cork include the following:

  • The harvesting of cork does not chop trees. Cork is the outer layer of the bark that is peeled from the tree and regrows every 9 years (rapidly renewable resource).
  • Cork has the ability to maintain the temperature of its surroundings and stays warm to the touch, unlike stone and hardwood.

Wicander Cork FlooringWicanders Series 100 Cork Plank with Micro Bevel

Now, cork flooring has a new dimension in Wicanders Cork Plank with Micro Bevel, which is far narrower than standard cork tile. “The standard floating cork is 36” x 12.” Cork Plank is 36” x 4 3/8” wide, making it a product more in line with the North American trends and a similar dimension to hardwood flooring,” Ronit says. Here’s more about Amorim Flooring’s Wicander Cork Plank. It is:

Wicanders Flooring

  • Micro beveled on all 4 sides, designed to fit the current trend in hardwood.
  • Finished with Xtreme WRT. Xterme WRT is a water-based finish 4 times more wear-resistant than the standard urethane finish. The finish has tiny ceramic micro beads embedded in the surface, making it more resistant to scratches.
  • Finished out of the box. You don’t have to apply an on-site coating before use, nor does the floor have to be maintained with additional coats of urethane over its life. Because of this, the flooring has a natural matte finish and does not have a slippery flat feel to it. It also reduces the life cycle cost.
  • Available in 12 colors.

Check out the Wicander’s website at for more information about these unique cork floors! Also check out the updated blog about Wicander products and cork flooring.

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