Laminate Flooring Micro Poll Results

From on March 23, 2009 in Flooring

floortalk.jpg In a recent laminate flooring poll, voters were asked their opinions of laminate floors as viable option. Overall, the web survey proved to be a mixed bag. Some love the laminates, while others despise them for being cheap. If you’re thinking about using this product, let’s go through the results from Floor Talk’s MicroPoll. I don’t want to bore you with the numbers but here goes. 42% think laminate flooring is a great product that will give you the look of hardwood for less money and is more practical for your family and traffic patterns.

The next highest percentage of voters took a completely opposite reaction. 36% of them believe laminate floors are cheap. On the flip side, some would argue that laminate flooring has made great strides over the years with new technologies. I tend to agree but at the same time it’s very hard to beat the warmth of real hardwood floors.

The remaining 22% say it is loud and clicky or they think it scratches easily and will not hold up to your family and traffic patterns. What’s most important about this survey? We’ll, it shows that consumers are torn between traditional products and cheaper alternatives.

Here’s the good and bad of laminate flooring. The product looks good, it adds quality and beauty to any room, and you can install it with ease. On the down side, laminate flooring can be difficult to keep clean. It has been known to streak if you don’t use the right cleaner. Maintenance of the floor is much more difficult. Common dents and scratches don’t repair as easily as they do with hardwood. Ultimately it’s a simple choice. In difficult economic times, laminate flooring will save you money and maybe that’s the best plan of them all.