How to Design Around Beige Carpet

From on April 29, 2010 in Flooring

Yuck. Moving into a rental can be a letdown when you see the beige carpet that tells the tales of renters past. Believe me, I’ve been there. But that doesn’t mean you can’t breathe life into your space (and mask those stains) with color and a fantastic rug. Really, it’s possible… and very fun.

beige carpet area rug

I found these DIA rugs and was immediately smitten. They’d work wonders in brightening a space while steering clear of the patterns that tend to dictate which direction a design should go.

beige carpet pattern rug

Or, if you like the plethora of colors that come along with patterns, then these rugs from 2Form might speak to you.

beige carpet stone rug

Talk about Zen! This rug is made from super soft fabric and actually looks like a real stone path. Awesome.

Once you’ve settled on a rug that fits your style, you’ll have the perfect jumping-off point to create the rest of your design. Trouble finding the perfect place for color in your stark white pad? It may help to start with curtains.

If I were designing my room around the Zen stone rug from 2Form, I would consider amping it up with these Chesapeake Panel curtains from Target (budget finds are always better, right?).

beige carpet curtains

And keeping furniture neutral allows for some fun accents. I’d stick with the red to really make the space pop. Here’s one room that keeps the accents understated while still letting them do their thing.

beige carpet accent colors

New and seasoned renters take note: dingy digs don’t have to dictate your design. In fact, they should just give you the motivation to find those perfect touches that can make your space feel like home. It can be done, I promise.