Distressed Wood: The Latest Trend in Hardwood Flooring

From on May 19, 2008 in Flooring

Distressed Wood

According to Hardwood Experts manager and president Dorn Gal, the requests for distressed wood floors are streaming in. Distressed wood enhances rustic, country style themes, Old World sentiments, or even the eclectic or contemporary bent. Gal says it can be achieved with any type of wood, and homeowners usually elect to have it installed throughout the entire house.

Like most distressed finishes, this wood type has an aged effect that adds a lot of character to the room. The distressed look is typically achieved by hand scraping, which has a smooth finish. Other types of distressed wood are antique or time worn aged, with distinguishing character markings and dark color staining. To bring out the grain, wire brushing offers a visible as well as tactile result, though not as rough in appearance as hand hewn or rough sawn wood. Pegged floors give a decorative accent to distressed wood.

Gal, whose installation company is also a flooring distributor, says distressed wood is available at the same prices as other wood options. Dal adds that this new trend is hard to miss. “Everybody that looks for distressed wood understands the individuality of this look.”

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