Artistic Concrete Flooring Patterns

From on September 10, 2009 in Flooring

concrete tile flooring

The truck drives toward your house and backs into the driveway. Beep…beep… beep! Gears grind and metal screeches against metal. The big slide falls out of the back and tons of wet, messy gray liquid slide toward your house. While you’re not looking, it oozes in through the garage, leaks into the living room and finally seeps around to the backdoor you left open. NOW WHAT? Is there any way to welcome this mess into your home? There is now, especially if you can imagine the joy of “walking on art.”

concrete hallwayConcrete isn’t just for garage and basement floors. With the help of a tile contractor, the cold, hard floor beneath your feet can be transformed into something fun, stylish, warm and stunning.

concrete living room

Talk to a specialist to see what’s out there to suit your taste and budget. Here are some of your options:

  • Stained: concrete painted with specially formulated paint to adhere.
  • Acid stained: acid applied to concrete. Creates a more natural look than painting, but colors may be limited and not as uniform.
  • Etched: patterns cut into the concrete can be left unfilled or filled with a resin. Floor can be stained or acid stained before or after the cutting.
  • Overlay: mortar applied in thin layers to existing concrete and formed into patterns, such as cobblestone or flagstone.
  • Inlay: tiles placed into cut areas of the concrete.

If making your floor an enticing piece of artwork isn’t reason enough, Concrete Network begs to differ. Concrete flooring is eco-friendly for these five reasons:

  • Design versatility
  • Energy efficiency
  • Easier breathing
  • Economy
  • Durability and resource conservation

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