Area Rugs with a Purpose

From on November 20, 2009 in Flooring

Are you ready for the coolest rugs you’ve ever seen? These pieces transcend all modes of convention to make a bold, albeit wacky, statement in your living room. Think outside the box with us as we explore area rugs with a purpose.

#1 – Slice of the Great Outdoors

area rugs log floor Inspired by the cross-section of a tree, this rug has been constructed with “highly durable materials.” And who would expect anything less from a “Woody Wood” rug? The outer bark is created by cutting and burning the edges, and the piece is versatile enough for limitless applications. Said creator Yvette Laduk, “My designs aren’t meant to go through life unnoticed.”

area rugs log wall

#2 – Aerial Wonderland

area rugs aerial babyarea rugs aerial It takes a village to raise this carpet to different heights. A group of 29 friends helped with the production of the “Rug with Landscape Relief.” The color range coupled with contrasting heights of each foam bar create an incredible landscape scene. Amsterdam designer Laurens van Wieringen said of his rug, “The energy put in this process is also evidently felt in the result.”

#3 – Comfort Food

area rugs eggsarea rugs sunny shag up Not that you couldn’t tell, but “Double Bull’s Eye” by Valentina Audrito was inspired by an egg. In fact, Audrito has an entire series called, “Le Uova di Leon,” emotionally stirred from the perfection and simplicity of the object. She not only created rugs, but also seats, beds, lamps and tables. For her, the egg symbolizes the “relationship between day to day and the cycle of life.”

#4 – Pure Squish

area rugs orange squisharea rugs red squish These rugs look good enough to eat. And comparing them to any other line is like comparing apples to oranges. Thousands of felted merino wool tubes extend from a woven wool base, making the combo cushy underfoot. A dark yarn core fills each cylindrical shape, presenting a contrast in color throughout. The Lasa Merino Wool Rug, which comes in five vibrant dyes, won the prestigious Reddot Award in 2006. In other words, buy a rug from Jab Anstoetz, and you’ve also bought his artwork.

#5 - Pieced Together

area rugs puzzle piecesarea rugs puzzle If you feel like you’re missing a piece in your home décor, check out this design. You just may find what you’re looking for. A recyclable mixture of synthetic and natural rubber, “PuzzlePercer” is a set of modular flooring. German designer Katrin Sonnleitner wants to make a difference on your floors.