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5 Spectacular Stenciled Floors

March 04, 2011 in Flooring

When stuck with drab, worn-out flooring, many homeowners go the traditional route and replace it with something shiny, new, and generally costly. But there are far more creative ways to liven up your flooring without starting from... read full post →

Reclaimed Hardwood: Beautifully Aged & Less Expensive Than You Thought

February 16, 2011 in Flooring

When considering materials for a new wood floor or cabinetry, it can seem an obvious choice to look to recently harvested wood. Yet, with all of the sustainable and beautiful competing options, harvested wood may be not as appealing as... read full post →

Creative Alternatives to Wood Flooring

September 01, 2010 in Flooring

Today’s post is from Rob Jones, chief blogger, social media guy and online marketer with BuildDirect, an online building materials and flooring supplier. Hardwood flooring is a reliable, great-looking and very long-lasting floor... read full post →

The Lowdown on Concrete Interior Flooring

June 16, 2010 in Flooring

I’m haunted by a photo I saw somewhere in the design world, the source long forgotten, of a couple standing barefoot in the open hallway of their modern home, books lining the walls like insulation, their toddler sitting on the... read full post →

Flooring and Forestry: The Legacy of EcoTimber

May 24, 2010 in Flooring

When a company wins a top-ten spot from the Green Building Products Earth Day Awards, it’s time to perk up. They’re doing something right. One of those companies is called EcoTimber. Their name describes their... read full post →
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