What is a Privacy Fence?

From on April 29, 2008 in Fencing

Privacy FencePut simply, privacy fences are fences built to keep people on the outside from seeing into your yard. The prohibition of prying eyes and a sense of personal space in the crowded urban landscape or the close quarters of a subdivision are often quite appealing to homeowners. Even those with large lots can utilize a privacy fence, which does not have to enclose the entire perimeter of the property, and can provide a small hideaway or a cocoon for a patio or porch.

In most cases, privacy fences are made from wood which needs to be rot resistant (cedar is a prime example) and should be sealed with a stain, sealant, or paint to prevent water damage over time. There are also vinyl or metal options available from your local fencing supplier or through your fencing contractor. Before you build any fence be sure to contact, in person, by phone, or via the Internet, your local building department to check for any zoning codes and regulations that pertain to fence building in your area. Usually privacy fences stand around six feet tall. If applicable, you should also check with your neighborhood or subdivision association to be aware of any rules governing fences.

In any project, you want to keep your creative mind open and flowing. Privacy fences are no exception. You can build flower boxes to rest atop the fence or hang from the side of the fence, in which you may plant flowers or vines which will grow towards the ground and provide a beautiful array of colors when in bloom. Of course you can always form a line of landscaping along the fence to add beauty and variety to your yard.

If you’re not sure you want a fence and you have some patience, you can also plant trees and/or bushes along the perimeter of your yard. Evergreens are best for this tactic because they stand lush and green all year round. In addition, while there may be codes resisting the height of your fence, you may be able to plant trees or bushes that grow considerably higher; especially in your back or side yard.