Versatile, Creative, Unique: Picket Fences

From on May 07, 2008 in Fencing

Picket Fence

Picket fences are arguably the most versatile of fencing designs. They create definite boundaries around your yard yet are not too prohibitive. They are also relatively easy to build and serve as a beautiful backdrop for landscaping. Picket fences allow for several different styles, patterns, curves, arches, you name it. There is no one way to design a picket fence. It is this room for creativity that makes building a picket fence such a treat.

Picket fences are typically made from wood or vinyl. Wood fences are the more versatile because you can choose and construct your own design. Wood picket fences can also be bought and installed by the panel. There are pre-made board designs you can choose from. The most common are dog-eared, gothic, french gothic, and standard flat-top. You can also cut your own pickets to really personalize your fence.

Vinyl picket fences come in pre-assembled sections, usually 6’, in a handful of styles. Vinyl fencing has some advantages over wood. They will never rot, warp, corrode, or need painting. They are virtually maintenance free. If the pickets get dirty, you can hose them off and be done. Vinyl pickets come in the same standard styles that wood pickets do. You can order fences in which the pickets are all the same length or vary in length to form an arch or scalloped design.

Despite the maintenance, many people prefer wood because of its traditional, rustic appeal. Regardless of your material choice, your options are probably open wider than you need. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional to build it, picket fences are a great way to create the personal space you need in an individual and unique fashion.